Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2007 M3 de la CCToMM
Mai 31 - Juin 1, 2007, Saint-Hubert (Montréal), Canada

"Toward the Design and Simulation of a New Generation of Reconfigurable Space Manipulators Using Telescoping Passive Joints" - PDF
Paul Hebert, Charles A. Tatossian, Malcolm Cairns, Farhad Aghili, Kourosh Parsa, and Alexei Morozov

"Dual-Axis Drive for a Mars Rover" - PDF
Emmanuel Resch, Jean-Philippe Drouin-Bouffard, Andre Shoucri, Egbert de Groot, Alexei Morozov, and Howard Jones

"Design of a Wind-Powered Mars Rover" - PDF
Luke Chapman, Michael Hayatian, Jasmin Manseau, Michael Depaoli, Boby Chu, Elza Brunelle-Yeung, Patrice Castonguay, Zavie Berenbaum, Leo Hartman, and Alexei Morozov

"Kinematic Modelling and Analysis of a Wire-Actuated Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
S. Sahinand and Leila Notash

"Modelling and Fabrication of Mechanical Cell Stimulator" - PDF
Yongjun Lai and Evgueni Bordacthev

"Force-Moment Capabilities of Redundantly-Actuated Spatial Parallel Manipulators Using Two Methods" - PDF
Venus Garg, Scott Nokleby, and Juan A. Carretero

"Singularity Analysis of a Family of Kinematically Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Iman Ebrahimi, Juan A. Carretero, and Roger A. Boudreau

"Geometric Optimization of Planar 3-RPR Parallel Mechanisms" - PDF
Qimi Jiang and Clément M.Gosselin

"Self Calibration of 3-PRS Manipulator without Redundant Sensors" - PDF
Steven M. O’Brien, Juan A. Carretero, and Philipp Last

"Force-Moment Capabilities of Revolute-Jointed Planar Parallel Manipulators with Additional Actuated Branches" - PDF
Flavio Firmani, Alp Zibil, Scott B. Nokleby, and Ron P. Podhorodeski

"Existence d’un manipulateur 6R sphérique pour lequel la demi-sphère ouverte est une surface isotrope continue" - PDF
Khaled Akrout and Luc Baron

"Dynamics of Tree Type Robotic Structures with Application to a Human Hand Prosthesis" - PDF
Andre Carvalho and Afzal Suleman

"Dexterous Task-Priority Based Redundancy Resolution for Underwater-Manipulator Systems" - PDF
Serdar Soylu, Bradley J. Buckham, and Ron P. Podhorodeski

"The 3-RPRR Kinematically Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Iman Ebrahimi, Juan A. Carretero, and Roger A. Boudreau

"Experimental Verification for the Calibration of the Constraining Linkage of a 4 Degrees of Freedom Manipulator" - PDF
Leila Notash, Victoria Lee, and Andrew Horne

"The Lagrangian Derivation of Kane’s Equations" - PDF
Kourosh Parsa

"Are Parallel Robots More Accurate Than Serial Robots?" - PDF
Sébastien Briot and Ilian A. Bonev

"Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Spatial One-DOF Foldable Tensegrity Mechanism" - PDF
M.A. Swartz and M.J.D. Hayes

"Multi-Objective Trajectory Planning for Redundant Manipulators Using Gradient Projection and Augmented Lagrangian" - PDF
Amar Khoukhi, Luc Baron, and Marek Balazinski

"Singularity of Redundant 4R Positioning Manipulators" - PDF
Luc St-Pierre and Paul Zsombor-Murray

"Accurate Models of Planar Compliant Parallel Mechanisms" - PDF
Cyril Quennouelle and Clément Gosselin

"A Procedure to Formulate Normal Impact of Planar Deformable Bodies as a Linear Complementarity Problem" - PDF
Saeed Ebrahimi and Peter Eberhard

"Kinematic Analysis of 5-DOF Parallel Mechanisms (3T2R) with Prismatic Actuators Based on Identical Limbs" - PDF
M. Tale Masouleh and C. M. Gosselin

"Kinematic Architecture of a Two-DoF Mechanism for the Control of an Oscillating Wing" - PDF
Louis-Alexis Allen Demers and Clément Gosselin

"Static Balancing with a Torsional Elastic Bar" - PDF
Philippe Tremblay and Clément Gosselin

"Simulation of Contact Forces Between Cylindrical Slack Flexible Tethers In Self-Collisions" - PDF
André R. Roy and Juan A. Carretero

"Development of a Sensing Strategy for an Assistive Device Using an Isotropy Genenerator" - PDF
Noémie Paradis and Clément Gosselin

"Benchmarking of Multibody System Simulations: Points to Consider" - PDF
Christian Lange, Jozsef Kovecses, and Yves Gonthier

"A Novel Approach to Dynamics Analysis of Multiple-Point Impacts Involving Multibody Systems" - PDF
Seyed Ali Modarres Najafabadi, Jozsef Kovecses, and Jorge Angeles

"The Synthesis of a Standard Trajectory Used in SCARA Systems" - PDF
Jean-Francois Gauthier, Jorge Angeles, and Scott Nokleby

"The Development and Implementation of a Robot Visualization System for Windows" - PDF
H.J. Zhuang, F. Baver, W.A. Khan, and J. Angeles