Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2003 M3 de la CCToMM
Mai 30, 2003, Saint-Hubert (Montréal), Canada

"A Parametric Study of Planar Cam-Roller Speed Reducers" - PDF
Weimin Zhang and Jorge Angeles

"The Conceptual Design of Epicyclic Cam Trains" - PDF
Chao Chen and Jorge Angeles

"A Generalization of the Pressure Angle" - PDF
Chao Chen and Jorge Angeles

"Synthesis of Hypocycloidal Gears" - PDF
N. Nikolov, R. Dolchinkov, V. Galabov, and V.N. Latinovic

"Meshing Characteristics of Hypocycloidal Gears" - PDF
R. Dolchinkov, V. Galabov, N. Nikolov, and V.N. Latinovic

"Design and Development of an Underactuated Finger Based on Compliant Mechanisms" - PDF
Bruno Massa and Clément Gosselin

"Passive Mechanisms with Multiple Equilibrium Configurations" - PDF
Jing Wang and Clément Gosselin

"CAD Data Extraction for Simulation: An Application in Camera Ready View Modelling" - PDF
Chandan Jordar and Leila Notash

"A Model-Based Visualization Technique for Mechatronic Systems" - PDF
Jochen Stier and Jens H. Jahnke

"Optimization of Six-Bar Stephenson Dwell Linkages Using Differential Evolution" - PDF
J. Kebrle, D. Koladiya, and P.S. Shiakolas

"Design and Prototype of a Parallel, Wire-Actuated Robot" - PDF
Geoff Mroz and Leila Notash

"Kinematic Analysis and Stiffness Mapping of Wire-Actuated Parallel Manipulators with Rigid Branch" - PDF
Sureyya Sahin and Leila Notash

"Active Joint Failure Analysis of Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Mahir Hassan and Leila Notash

"The Effect of Joint Clearances on the Singular Configurations of Planar Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Marise Gallant and Clément Gosselin

"Type Synthesis of Input-Output Decoupled Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Xianwen Kong and Clément Gosselin

"Inverse Kinematics and Dynamics Analysis of a Three Legged Parallel Mechanism Actuated by AGVs" - PDF
Georgio Rekleitis, Meyer Nahon, and Subir Saha

"Design Manifold of Translational Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Xiaoyu Wang, Luc Baron, and Guy Cloutier

"A Graphical Solution of the Direct Kinematic Problem of Star Translational Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Mamdouh Sayd, Luc Baron, and Christian Mascle

"The Synthesis of Three-Degree-of-Freedom Planar Parallel Manipulators with Revolute Joints (3-RRR) for an Optimal Singularity-Free Workspace" - PDF
Marc Arsenault and Roger Boudreau

"Robust Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Controller Based on Computed Torque Control for Manipulators" - PDF
M. Zeinali and L. Notash

"Frontieres d’ équilibre de mecanismes à cables comprenant des liens passifs" - PDF
Gabriel Côté and Clément Gosselin

"Présence de singularités dans un espace de travail limite" - PDF
Irina Constantinescu and Clément Gosselin

"Calculs d’espaces de travail à l’aide d’algorithmes de detection de collision: comparaison de deux méthodes" - PDF
Stephane Brunet and Luc Baron

"Identifying the 1-DOF-Loss Velocity-Degenerate (Singular) Configurations of an Eight-Joint Manipulator" - PDF
Scott Nokleby and Ron P. Podhorodeski

"Extreme distance to a spatial circle" - PDF
P. J. Zsombor-Murray, M.J.D. Hayes, and M.L. Husty

"The Modelling of Coordinate Measuring Machines Kinematic Errors from the Geometric Errors of Guideways" - PDF
T. O. Ekinci and J.R.R. Mayer

"Influence du comportement dynamique sur la qualite d’une surface fraisee en UGV" - PDF
Henri Paris, Grégoire Peigné, and Daniel Brissaud

"The Preliminary Design of a Novel Robot for Human Augmentation" - PDF
Alessio Salerno and Jorge Angeles

"The Kinematics of Mobile Robots with Orientable Single and Dual Wheels Rolling on a Plane" - PDF
Svetlana Ostrovskaya and Jorge Angeles