Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2001 M3 de la CCToMM
Juin 1, 2001, Saint-Hubert (Montréal), Canada

"Obstacle Avoidance for Redundant Manipulators Using a Genetic Algorithm" - PDF
Marie-Hélène Lavoie and Roger Boudreau

"Logiciel d’aide à la conception de plates-formes de mouvement d’architecture parallèle" - PDF
Boris Mayer St-Onge and Clément Gosselin

"Configuration Engine for Modular Parallel Robot Assembly" - PDF
Jason Lemay and Leila Notash

"Design Morphology and Layout of the Drive Mechanism of a Generator of SCARA Motions" - PDF
Jorge Angeles and Alexei Morozov

"A Direct Visual Servo Control Method for a SCARA Type Robot" - PDF
Weidong Tang and Leila Notash

"Development of a Three-DOF Underactuated Finger" - PDF
Thierry Laliberté and Clément Gosselin

"Generation of Parallel Manipulators with Three Translational Degrees of Freedom Based on Screw Theory" - PDF
Xianwen Kong and Clément Gosselin

"A Family of New Parallel Architectures with Four-Degree of Freedom" - PDF
Dimiter Zlatanov and Clement Gosselin

"A Novel Wire Actuated Parallel Robot with Space Applications" - PDF
Craig Kossowski and Leila Notash

"Kinematic Analysis of a Novel Spatial 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Dan Zhang, Fengfeng Xi, and Chris K. Mechefske

"The Three-Points-on-Three-Lines Problem" - PDF
Paul Zsombor-Murray and Jonathan Shum

"Discussion on the Camera-Aided Calibration of Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Huanyu Zou and Leila Notash

"Kinematic Analysis of Clavel's "Delta" Robot" - PDF
Paul Zsombor-Murray

"Analyse dynamique d’un nouveau manipulateur parallèle spatial à 3 degrés de liberté" - PDF
Jean-François Allan and Clément Gosselin

"Representation of the Singularity Loci of a Special Class of Spherical 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator with Revolute Actuators" - PDF
Jing Wang and Clément Gosselin

"Conception et optimisation structurelle des maillons d’un manipulateur parallèle sphérique à trois degrés de liberté" - PDF
J. Angeles, L. Slutski, C.-P. Teng, and F. Bidault

"Équilibrage statique d’un mécanisme parallèle sphérique à trois degrés de liberté" - PDF
Jean-François Lévesque and Clément Gosselin

"Kinematic Analysis of Planar Parallel Mechanisms Actuated with Cables" - PDF
Clément Gosselin and Guillaume Barrette

"Similarities Between a New Gradient Method and the Superposition Method for Generating Burmester Curves" - PDF
J. Kebrle, W. T, Adams, P. S. Shiakolas, and T. J. Lawley

"Équilibrage dynamique et optimisation d'un mécanisme à quatre barres plan" - PDF
Gabriel Côté, Clément Gosselin, and Frank Vollmer

"Micro Joints, Actuators, Grippers, and Mechanisms" - PDF
Ted Hubbard, Marek, R. Kujath, and Heiko Fettig

"Input-Output and Static Equations for Gripper Fingers Modeled as Planar Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Laura M. Sie, Dimiter Zlatanov, and Clément Gosselin

"Singularity Analysis of 3-DOF Planar Parallel Mechanisms" - PDF
Ilian A. Bonev, Dimiter Zlatanov, and Clément Gosselin

"A Reconfigurable Planar Parallel Manipulator (RPPM)" - PDF
Ryan Fisher, Ron Podhorodeski, and Scott Nokleby

"The Singular Vector Method for Computing Rank-Deficiency Loci of Rectangular Jacobian Matrices" - PDF
Erick Dupuis

"Identification of Multi-DOF Loss Velocity Degeneracies for Redundant Manipulators" - PDF
Scott Nokleby and Ron Podhorodeski

"2-DOF Loss Velocity Degeneracies of the Spherical-Revolute-Spherical Manipulator" - PDF
Scott Nokleby and Ron Podhorodeski

"Cooperative Frameworks for Multiple Mobile Robots" - PDF
M. Abou-Samah and V. Krovi

"Dynamic Modelling of Electro-Mechanical Multibody Systems" - PDF
John McPhee and Marcus Scherrer

"Extending the Capability of Attitude Control Systems to Assist Satellite Docking Missions" - PDF
Ou Ma and Eric Martin

"Kinematics of a Flexible Link" - PDF
Min Gu and Jean-Claude Piedboeuf