Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2017 M3 de la CCToMM
Mai 25-26, 2017, Montréal, Canada

"Conceptual Design And Dimensional Synthesis of a Novel Parallel Mechanism for Lower-Limb Rehabilitation" - PDF
Xinyin Jia, Jianming Che, Haitao Liu, Kun Xiong, and Tian Huang

"Unifying Type Synthesis on Finite Motion and Kinematic Analysis on Instantaneous Motion of Parallel Mechanisms Using Screw Theory" - PDF
Tao Sun, Shuofei Yang, Tian Huang, and Jian S Dai

"Geometric Optimization of a Self-Adaptive Robotic Leg" - PDF
Dmitri Fedorov and Lionel Birglen

"Analysing Design Modifications Effects on the Compliance of Deformable Hybrid Serial-Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Ugo Chouinard, Sofiane Achiche, Thor Bieze, Luc Baron, and Christian Duriez

"The Effect of the Number of Degrees of Kinematic Redundancy on the Actuation Forces of a Planar Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Aiden Lee and Roger Boudreau

"Dynamic Analysis and Optimisation of a Kinematically-Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Roger Boudreau, Jérémie Léger, Hakim Tinaou, and André Gallant

"Practical Considerations on Proprioceptive Tactile Sensing for Underactuated Fingers" - PDF
Bruno Belzile and Lionel Birglen

"Inclined Landing Testing of an Omni-Directional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" - PDF
Florentin von Frankenberg and Scott Nokleby

"Experimental Testing of an Autonomous Radiation Mapping Robot" - PDF
Michael Hosmar, Scott Nokleby, and Ed Waller

"Design and Development of a Mobile Robot Platform for Autonomous Ground Vehicle Research" - PDF
Jihang Li and Pierre Larochelle

"Influence of Design Parameters on the Singularities and Workspace of a 3-RPS Parallel Robot" - PDF
Ranjan Jha, Damien Chablat, and Luc Baron

"Simplification of the Dynamic Model of a Hydraulic Rockbreaker for the Purpose of Implementation in a Model-Based Control Scheme" - PDF
Louis-Francis Y. Tremblay, Marc Arsenault, and Meysar Zeinali

"Towards the Appropriate Synthesis of the Four-Bar Linkage" - PDF
Joshua K. Pickard, Juan A. Carretero, and Jean-Pierre Merlet

"A Fuzzy-Based Approach Towards Conceptual Design Improvements for Mechatronic Systems" - PDF
Abolfazl Mohebbi, Sofiane Achiche, and Luc Baron

"Interval Observer Design for Linear Continuous Time-Varying Delay Systems: New Results" - PDF
Hassan Bensalah and Luc Baron