Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2009 M3 de la CCToMM
Mai 28-29, 2009, Québec, Canada

"Fuzzy Logic-Based Inverse Dynamic Modelling of Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Meysar Zeinali and Leila Notash

"Workspace Envelope Formulation of Planar Wire-Actuated Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Derek McColl and Leila Notash

"Redundancy Resolution of Wire-Actuated Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Maryam Agahi and Leila Notash

"Mechanical Integrators for the Inverse Dynamics of Dissipative Multibody Systems" - PDF
Stefan Uhlar and Peter Betsch

"Modelling and Simulation of the Testbed for a Pitch-Roll Wrist Prototype Based on Spherical Cam-Rollers" - PDF
Xiao Qing Ma, Vikram Chopra, Jorge Angeles, and Martin Asger Haugaard

"A Volume-Based Contact Dynamics Model with Asymmetric Damping Independent of the Coefficient of Restitution" - PDF
André Roy and Juan A. Carretero

"Experimental Investigation on the Vibration Control of a Parallel Manipulator with Multiple Smart Flexible Links" - PDF
Xuping Zhang, James K. Mills, and William L. Cleghorn

"A Planar Closed-Loop Cable-Driven Parallel Mechanism" - PDF
Hanwei Liu and Clément M. Gosselin

"Obstacle avoidance of redundant discretely-actuated manipulators using workspace density functions" - PDF
Eric Lanteigne and Amor Jnifene

"Determination of the Workspace of a 3PRPR Parallel Mechanism for Human-Robot Collaboration" - PDF
Alexandre Lecours and Clément M. Gosselin

"Pose Selection for the Kinematic Calibration of a Prototyped 4 Degrees of Freedom Manipulator" - PDF
Andrew Horne and Leila Notash

"Algorithme génétique multicritériel pour l’optimisation de l’architecture des mécanismes entraînés par câbles - Application à un simulateur de vol" - PDF
Catherine Leclerc and Clément M. Gosselin

"Dexterous Workspace of a General Geometry 3-PRRR Kinematically Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
A. Gallant, Roger A. Boudreau, and Marise Gallant

"Topological Synthesis of Translational Parallel anipulators" - PDF
Xiaoyu Wang and Luc Baron

"Geometric Synthesis of Planar 3-RPR Parallel Mechanisms for Singularity-Free Workspace" - PDF
Qimi Jiang and Clément M. Gosselin

"Manipulateur sériel 6R sphérique isotrope pour toute orientation de l’effecteur" - PDF
Khaled Akrout, Luc Baron, and Xiaoyu Wang

"Kinematic Analysis of the 3-PRPR Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Maurizio Ruggiu and Juan A. Carretero

"Path Planning for Robot-Assisted Rapid Prototyping of Ice Structures" - PDF
Alessandro Ossino, Eric Barnett, Jorge Angeles, Damiano Pasini, and Pieter Sijpkes

"Approximate Static Balancing of a Planar Parallel Cable-Driven Mechanism" - PDF
Simon Perreault and Philippe Cardou

"Isotropie des manipulateurs parallèles de la classe H4" - PDF
Benoit Rousseau and Luc Baron

"Design and Implementation of an Indoor Localization System for the Omnibot Omni Directional Platform" - PDF
Sasha Ginzburg, Florentin von Frankenberg, and Scott Nokleby

"Development of a Composite-Based Long Reach Robotic Arm" - PDF
Darrin Willis, Scott Nokleby, and Remon Pop-Iliev

"Development of a Human-Body Dynamic Model for Paraplegics Wearing an Ambulatory Exoskeleton" - PDF
Flavio Firmani and Edward Park

"Further Results on the Zeros of a Single Rigid-Flexible Link Manipulator" - PDF
Mohammad Vakil, Reza Fotouhi, and Peter N. Nikiforuk

"MIMO Sliding-Mode and H1 Controller Design for Dynamic Coupling Reduction in Underwater-Manipulator Systems" - PDF
Serdar Soylu, Braley J. Buckham, and Ron P. Podhorodeski

"On the Use of Impulsive Bilateral Constraints to Characterize Topology Transitions" - PDF
Josep M. Font-Llagunes and József Kövecses